Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 years...

4 years have passed by since my last post....4 years...
A lot did happen during the last 4 years... Raffaele is all grown up now and he also has a sister!
Anna is 2 years old and they play a lot together and go along quite well. It's very nice to watch them playing together; laughing, running, screaming and... of course... crying :-).
Raffaele reminds so much of myself... I'm afraid he might take too much after me...

A lot did happen during the last 4 years... I finally traveled to the US! My first time overseas :-). I went to San Francisco for almost 2 months and it was a really incredible experience. The bay area is where I want to live! I'm not sure if I will ever go there again but I'll surely try. There is so much excitement out there, so much going on all the time and so much opportunities.
People in the bay don't give a shit where you're from and how you look like; all they care is what you can do, and if helping you doing it might mean a good business for them... well they will help you for sure! :-)

A lot did happen during the last 4 years... not all good thing but no all bad neither.

It's one month till the end of 2009... not exactly the best year of my life but one year nonetheless. For the next year I have many dreams and I feel I can finally spread my wings and fly to follow them. I tried this year to "go where my heart takes me". The result was an adventure in the iPhone development :-). It was fun I have to say and I had much satisfaction from it. One of my apps was ranking number 1 in Italy for over 10 days and I received many reviews and mail of appreciations from my customers. This will be for sure part of my future one way or another. I believe mobile computing will be huge in the next years and I must ride this trend as soon as possible.

Enough for now :-) I can write all about 4 years in one single post :-). Now I have one month to think about my new year resolutions. Next year will be full of changes for me and I have to be ready.

Good night!